Virtual presentation

Virtual Online Conference Panel

Starting from this edition of Conference there will be organised online presentation sessions, named: Virtual Online Conference Panel. This alternative approach is intended for researchers who aren't able to attend to the conference for different reasons but still want to have access to this scientific event.

Those who would like to make their presentations online from their own location will also be granted with a certificate and their papers will be considered for publications similar to other participants as if they were present physically.

Those who would like to make use of the Virtual Online Conference Panel facility will be requested to send their materials such as posters or power point presentations to the Conference secretariat. Both the papers and those electronic materials will be exposed during the conference by multimedia facilities available on presentations hall.

Each and every virtual paper or presentation poster will be associated with an electronic forum through which the participants may interact with the researchers and authors during and even after the conference. The researchers who receive such feedback, questions, suggestions or opinions will be expected to contribute in a similar way through providing answers to questions and replying to any feedback given by the participants of the conference.

Technical details

Virtual participants will need to have the appropriate multimedia software and hardware at their side so that they can actively take part in the video conferences.

If you are interested to a virtual participation to our conference, please send an email to the conference secretariat or[tod]mpu[ta]gne-retni.

More technical details will be announced soon. If you are interested please periodically check this section of the conference page.

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