Keynote speaker

Prof. Dr. Eng.  A. M. Negm

Prof. Dr. Eng. A. M. Negm

Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology, E-JUST

Keynote Title: "Environmental Economy and Society Welfare"

Bio: Prof. Abdelazim Negm was born in Sharkia, Egypt on 16th April 1962 and has been graduated in May 1985 from Zagazig University, Zagazig, Egypt and was awarded the B.Sc. Degree in "Civil Engineering - Irrigation and Environmental Engineering" with average grade "Very Good with honors, with 84.5%". Negm has been awarded the degree of Master of Science (M.Sc.) in civil Engineering (Irrigation and Hydraulics) from Ain Shams University, Egypt and the PhD degree in Hydraulics on 1992 from Zagazig University.

Currently, he is a professor of water resources in Egypt-Japan University for Science and Technology (E-JUST) since Oct. 1st, 2012 and chairman of the Environmental Engineering Dept. at E-JUST since Feb. 17th, 2013. He worked as a demonstrator in Faculty of Engineering, Zagazig University in 1986 and continued till he occupied the position of vice dean for Academic and Student Affair. He published about 230 papers in national and international Journals and conferences. He is listed in (a) Marquis Who is Who?, (b) IBC's 2000 Outstanding Intellectuals of the 21st Century , and (c) ABI directory for his achievement in the field of Hydraulics and Water Resources. He was nominated for many other awards from both IBC and ABI. He participated in more than 60 conferences. He has awarded the prizes of best papers three times. His research areas include hydraulic, hydrology and water resources. Currently, he is very interested in the sustainability and green environment.
Prof. Negm is a member of IAHR and a member of the Egyptian permanent promotion committee for professorship promotion in field of water resources. He is a member of the editorial board of several scientific journals, associate editor-in-chief for IWTJ and a member of the organizing committee of IWTC2015 and Oceanography 2015 and he is the secretary general of the IWC2015 conference as well.

K. Khalili

Prof. K. Khalili

University of Birjand, Mechanical Eng. Dept.

Keynote Title: "Beyond Resolution"

Bio: Prof. K. Khalili from University of Birjand, Department of Mechanical Eng. is a tenured faculty at University of Birjand. His are of interest is CAD/CAM and Machine Vision Applications in Manufacturing. He obtained a PhD degree in Mechanical Engineering and MSc. in Advanced Manufacturing Engineering both from University of Salford, Manchester-UK. He obtained his first degree in Mechanical Engineering from Amirkabir University of Technology (Polytechnic Tehran). His main Teaching areas cover Advanced Manufacturing Systems, CAD/CAM, Metal Forming Processes and Analysis.

He has supervised more than 10 PhD and 40 MSc thesis. He has published more than 40 Journal and 75 Conference papers. He has in his record 4 patents and published one book (in Persian). Prof. Khalil chaired two international conferences. He has attended many international conferences around the world and spent a 9 months Sabbatical Leave at University of Nottingham-UK. Prof. Khalili has in his resume different administrative jobs, including Dean of Faculty of Engineering, Chair of International Relation Office, Vice-President for Education.
He is currently the President of University of Birjand - Iran.

Thomas Zimmer

Prof. Thomas Zimmer

University of Bordeaux, IMS: Laboratory for the integration of materials into systems (Laboratoire de l'Intégration du Matériau au Système)

Keynote Title: "Remote Labs in Europe and Beyond"

Bio: Thomas Zimmer received the M.Sc. degree in physics from the University of Würzburg, Germany, in 1989 and the Ph.D. degree in electronics from the University Bordeaux 1, Talence, France, in 1992. From 1989 to 1990, he was with the Fraunhofer Institute, Erlangen, Germany. Since 1992, he is with the IMS Institute, Talence - France. Since 2003, he is Professor at the University Bordeaux 1 - France.

His education interests concern multimedia, open and distance learning and the implementation of ICT (information and communication technologies) in lab courses. In particular, he participated in five different European projects, three of them as co-ordinator, in the framework of the Socrates – Minerva – LLL – TEMPUS programme.

His research interests are focused on electrical compact modeling and characterization of HF devices such as HBT (SiGe, InP), graphene nanotubes and Graphene transistors. At the IMS lab, he is the leader of the research group “Nanoelectronics.” He is a cofounder of XMOD Technologies and Senior Member IEEE. He has served as a Reviewer for many journals (IEEE ED, EDL, SSE…), was the TPC (Technical Program Chair) of the ESSDERC 2012 conference and participated on the Program Committee of several conferences (BCTM, ESSDERC, IMCL …). He has published more than 200 peer-reviewed scientific articles, 1 book and contributed to 8 book-chapters.

Bogdan Robu

Assoc. Prof. Bogdan Robu

University of Grenoble, GIPSA-lab laboratory Control Systems Department

Keynote Title: "A control approach for guaranteeing performance and dependability in Big Data Cloud Systems"

Bio: Bogdan Robu is an Associate Professor at the University of Grenoble, France and a researcher in the GIPSA-lab laboratory in Grenoble since 2012. Prior to this he had a one year teaching position in the University of Toulouse, France. He received his PhD in control theory from the University of Toulouse in 2010 and his M.Sc. degree in control theory and informatics from the University of Toulouse in 2007. His main teaching areas include control theory and mathematics. He is a member in different working group focused on the introduction and development of information and communication technologies at the University of Grenoble.
His research interests are mainly on applying control theory to different types of computing systems while assuring performance and/or dependability. The main application domains of these researches are Heterogeneous Computing Systems, Cloud Systems, High Performance Computing Systems and Server Systems. Bogdan Robu other research interests are on fuel cell control and PDE modeling. He is author or co-author of numerous journal and conference papers. He was in the Scientific Committee for several conferences and reviewer for different journals (IEEE TCST, JVC, JESA) and conferences (CDC, ACC, ECC).

Special invited talk

Kovács Laszlo

Dr. habil. László Kovács

University of Miskolc, Department of Information Technology

Keynote Title: "String transformation approach for morpheme rule induction"

Bio: Dr. habil László Kovács from University of Miskolc, Department of Information Technology is a well known specialist in knowledge modeling and data mining. He obtained a PhD degree in technical sciences from University of Miskolc, (HU).
Main teaching areas cover Database Systems, Database Administration, OLAP and Data Mining, XML-data management, Ontology Management.
The research interest of Dr. Kovács involves the following areas: soft computing, heuristic optimizations, ontology modeling in database systems, statistical grammar induction.
He participated in several mobility programs on the field of software engineering and database management at DEC Munich, University of Helsinki, University of Lisboa, University of Karlsruhe, University of Dortmund, University of Klagenfurt, University of Erlangen.
Dr Kovács has about 110 publications with 36 references. He is the Head of the Department and the leader of the research group on ontology-based grammar induction at University of Miskolc.

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