It is with great pleasure that the “Petru Maior” University of Tîrgu-Mureș - Faculty of Engineering in collaboration with Romanian Academy of Technical Sciences and Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology invites you to the International Conference Interdisciplinarity in Engineering INTER-ENG 2016. The conference will be jointly organized and hosted by the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management and the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science of “Petru Maior” University of Tîrgu-Mureș.

The main theme of the Conference is announced as:

    "Innovative green engineering solutions that increase technological process efficiencies"

The conference scope is to provide a professional and scientific forum for engineers and research scientists from universities, research centers and industry to present research works, contributions and recent developments as well as current practices in engineering.

The INTER-ENG conference will also offer the opportunity for companies in engineering to present their products and services.

The scope of the conference includes, but is not limited to the following major topics as they relate to the industrial and electrical engineering and industrial management:

  • Green engineering of processes and products
  • Green nano and microtechnology
  • Green emerging technology
  • Green chemistry
  • Technological innovation systems
  • Technology-based new ventures
  • Technology and knowledge transfer
  • Advanced manufacturing technology
  • Innovative product development
  • Virtual manufacturing design technology
  • Manufacturing process control
  • Emerging materials technology
  • Innovative design technology
  • Manufacturing systems and automation
  • High-tech tools and systems
  • Control systems technology
  • Advances transmission technology
  • Cold forming technology
  • Non-conventional technology
  • Information systems technology
  • CAD/CAM/CAE integrated systems
  • Advanced software technology
  • Intelligent systems and technologies
  • Parallel and distributed computing technology
  • Power and energy systems
  • Signal and image processing
  • Electronics and electrotechnology
  • Optimization techniques
  • Sustainable development technology
  • Renewable energy management and technologies
  • Geohazards and environmental technology
  • Green buildings technology
  • Innovation for green technologies
  • Biomedical technology
  • Quality control technology
  • Quality assurance
  • Green educational technology

    The power of applied intelligence are the smart green engineering solutions

The 21st century has been called the "century of the environment". Governments - and individual citizens - can no longer assume that social challenges such as pollution, dwindling natural resources and climate change can be set aside for future generations.

Through policy, research, education, incentives and forward-looking relationships with industry, governments can play a central role in building a green future, community by community. Employment of green engineering allows promotion of sustainability without sacrificing economic viability and efficiency.

When applied early, in the design and development phase of a process or product, green engineering can have the greatest impact and it is cost-effectiveness in embracing the concept and decisions to protect human health and the environment.

Green engineering actively engages communities and stakeholders in the development of engineering solutions beyond current or dominant technologies. It improves, innovates, and invents technologies to achieve sustainability, develops and applies engineering solutions while being cognizant of local geography, aspirations, and cultures.

The prospects for success have never been greater. A dawning era of creativity and innovation in “green technology” which refers to the application of green engineering knowledge for practical purposes is bringing the promise to prospect of growing businesses that can sustain the planet health.

Using green technology has become imperative today and by using green technology, we will march a step ahead in making the earth free from any danger. Today’s technology and conveniences are more focused on making more luxuries available to more people. The ugly side of this is the harm these products or new technologies are doing to our environment. This raises the importance of using green technology all the more.

Industries and regulatory bodies are already taking steps in the right direction for using green technology that will become not only important but mandatory too in the coming years.

Green technology in industry will influence a lot on the developments as almost everyone seems to realize the harmful effects of green house gases and global warming on the environment. It will be considered to be the most reliable in the future.

The sooner we realize the importance of using green technology, the better it will be for our planet and its environment.

We are looking forward to welcome you in Tîrgu-Mureș!
Prof.dr.eng. Liviu MOLDOVAN
President of the Scientific Committee
Vice-Rector of "Petru Maior" University of Tîrgu-Mureș, Romania


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